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Power House Junior Rugby

We are a great pathway for our young people to learn and put into practice important attributes, skills and attitudes to take into all their life experiences. Since 1933 Power House the club has helped pave the way for many great leaders and role models on and off the rugby field.

We are a grass-roots, volunteer-run club. Our ethos for players and volunteers alike is that you only get out of something what you put into it.

The club encourages excellence through hard work, good sportsmanship and teamwork in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment.  We believe that teaching, promoting and living these values benefits both our families and our community in the West.

Powerhouse Rugby Juniors that were selected for the Victorian representative team

Victorian Representatives

Powerhouse Rugby Juniors that were selected for the Victorian representative team.

Powerhouse players that represented Austrlian rugby union team in the Pacifica Cup

Pacifica Cup

Powerhouse players that represented Australian rugby union team in the Pacifica Cup.

Power House Junior Rugby Fun and Enjoyment

Fun and Enjoyment

We foster an environment of fun and enjoyment for all Players, coaches, officials, parents/guardians and supporters .

Club Coaches

Our experienced and dedicated coaches provide a great and safe environment in which junior players can enjoy and learn the global game of rugby union.

New players are welcome at all stages of the season, and the strong aspect of the club is a great way for new parents to learn more about themselves.

Our Values

Power House acknowledges the people of Yalukit Wilum of the Boon Wurrung Country that make up the Greater Kulin Nation, traditional owners of our Club grounds.

The values of Rugby Union are experienced by over 6 million people globally and is what sets our sport apart from many others. Like the discipline of a black belt, the ethos of the rugby binds millions of people together in a community that lives strongly by its values. If you have ever been involved in rugby before you would understand this, if not, we invite you to this wonderful world.

It is through this ethos that Power House Junior Rugby Union Club provides more than just a sporting club, “Building brilliant humans” is our driving force and ultimate outcome we strive to achieve. Through involvement with our Club players learn the concepts of Responsibility, Passion, Respect and Integrity, these are not just pretty words on a piece of paper, these are ingrained in our language, activities and interactions with our young players. This has a positive impact on them individually and a ripple effect to their families and broader community in the West.

Our History

Since 1933 Power House RUFC have been First Grade Premiers 11 times – the latest in 2006, 2007 and 2008 making it a triple header for the first time in the club’s history. We don`t like to talk too much about the number of times we have been runners-up, beaten on the whistle (recently 1989, 1991 and 1996).

We’ve been Club Champions 10 times, most recently in 2003. Our members come from all over the world – Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Fiji, France, South Africa, Canada and of course all states of Australia just to name a few – which goes to show how international Rugby is. Last year we proudly won the U14s finals competition. Melbourne’s population is booming in the Western Suburbs. As no rugby club existed in this region, Power House set up a satellite rugby union club in Hobson’s Bay specifically for Under 18s – Under 6s. We currently have over 160 players dedicated to training and playing weekly with Power House.

Our experienced and dedicated coaches provide a great and safe environment in which junior players can enjoy and learn the global game of rugby union. The club teaches the values of rugby union through four key themes:


At the core of Rugby and Power House is respect for others and for self.  Player/Coach and Parent respect are earned at our club and it is a two-way street. Each young person is an individual trying to work out how the big world works. At Power House, they feel respected and we endeavour to always uphold this at the highest levels both off and on the Rugby field. From respect comes a strong and open community. Respect for self and others also leads to self-confidence!

Is built through accountability and doing what we say we will do. Our Coaches and Management are all held accountable for their actions, and we look to instil the same accountability in our Players. One way is by encouraging the individual to enjoy the full aspects of being part of a team. Accountability to self and the team is seen on the field where Players self elect to have discipline for 80 mins of a game. We believe the same principles apply off the field and help our Players make a better decision in life.

Foremost is a passion for the game and living the Rugby values. It’s what makes the game internationally successful. From this passion, we encourage our Players to have aspirations and dare to dream. This is not just to be a great Player, but to carry these traits into life and always strive to be the best person they can be. Passion is also seen in our committee, coaches and managers whom all volunteer their time and encourage aspiration in our young Players.

By understanding their role in a team, young Players learn to understand the positive outcomes possible through responsibility. We encourage players to be responsible for their actions and outcomes. No Player is bigger than the team and by taking responsibility in their own lives, they learn to develop leadership characteristics that they can take into later life.  Coaches’ responsibility is also taken seriously, and as such, all our coaches are qualified and uphold all values of our Club. Through this interaction, your child’s journey starts by playing Rugby, to becoming the best they can be.